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HandyGames ANNO: Create a New World. Experience the successful Anno series on your mobile phone and set sail for an exciting adventure! A colourful new world is waiting to be explored by you. Discover new islands and their natural resources, make new friends with foreign nations and use your acquired knowledge to build your own flourishing cities. Create an efficient economy and supply your population with everything they need to be happy. Use your tax income to help your father, the king, to weather the famine that is threatening the kingdom. Prove that you are able to create a new and better world !
HandyGames with AMA is preparing to release ANNO: Create a New World. According to the creators, the game is a "friendly and peaceful family entertainment." This means that the grand battles with bloody death should not wait. Graphically, the project is sustained in cartoon style, and challenge the player in it -peacefully explore new land for the glory of the British Empire. User in the role of head of the colony of the XV century to establish the extraction of resources and engage in urban development. Meet the needs of citizens, the governor is developing a settlement and an opportunity to move more -discover and explore new territory. It is expected that the game will go on sale in late December.
ANNO: Create a New World takes place in 1404: King Georges' land is suffering from droughts and famine. Aware of the distress of his citizens, the King decides to send his two sons to gain new territories.
* The latest addition to the successful Anno series.
* Erect whole cities with the wave of a hand.
* Discover and colonize new islands.
* Take care of the needs of your people.
* Collect taxes and keep the economy running.
* Experience a compelling story line.
* Fight evil corsairs and unforeseen enemies.
* The fate of the kingdom lies in your hands.
* Easy controls ensure accessible, long-lasting entertainment.
* Open End mode and random map generator for endless variety.
* Tips and tutorials for an easy start.
* Save your progress at any time.
* Features can vary depending on device.

  • 128x160
  • Anno create a new world
  • 176x220
  • Anno create a new world k500
  • 176x220
  • Anno create a new world K750
  • 240x340
  • Anno create a new world K800
  • 176x208
  • Anno create a new world,6600,6680,n70

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