Old school Easter eggs.

NBA LIVE delivers the best, most realistic 5 on 5 action ever! Take it to the rack as Dwight Howard and other NBA favorites with full rosters from all 30 licensed teams. Run the floor in Exhibition Mode for a quick fix, or play through the all new 82-game Season Mode. TAKE YOUR TEAM TO THE FINALS!
-Take the court as Dwight Howard and over 100 other NBA ballers!
-Featuring full rosters from all 30 licensed NBA teams with starting lineups from each
-Realistic 5 on 5 simulation basketball action
-3 Gameplay Modes
-Colorful commentary from broadcasting legend Marv Albert
-Make precision passes on fast breaks with "Court Vision Passing"
-Icon-driven plays allow you to call & run them with your team
-In-depth tutorial for players new to the game

  • sony ericson
  • EA NBA LIVE 2010 SEK300i
    EA NBA LIVE 2010 K800i
    EA NBA LIVE 2010 SEK850i
    EA NBA LIVE 2010 5700
  • nokia
  • Nba live 2010 6600,6680,n70
    Nba live 2010 n73
    Nba live 2010 n80
    Nba live 2010 n95

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