NBA Pro Basketball 2010

Experience the full NBA season
with every team and player in
an even more advanced
simulation than before. Think
strategically as well as play
skillfully with all the new
features: edit your roster,
select your favorite strategies
and make a shot right at the
buzzer to win! Advanced stat
tracking features show you
how well your team is
performing. In addition to the
regular 80-game season and
playoffs, you can also enjoy an
All-Star Weekend full of fun
challenges including a Slam Dunk
Contest and 3-Point Shootout.
Enjoy the most authentic
basketball simulation on your
mobile! All-Stars, Lakers, Celtics,
Kobe Bryant, Yao Ming... 100%
real teams, 100% real players!

NBA Pro Basketball 2010

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  • 240x320
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  • 360x640
  • NBA_Pro_Basketball_2010_360x640_nokia

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