SUNIOS PhotoNova can
automatically capture the human
face in phone photographs by
recognizing the human facial
figure, and this face can be
embedded in the corresponding
position to replace the face of
specified character in various
given templates.By selecting
your photo and the character to
be acted, the face of the
character can be replaced by the
face of the person in the
selected photo, so you can act
Mona Lisa, Egyptian Pharaoh, or
even a gorilla

PhotoWings can automatically
capture the human face in phone
photographs, and accurately
position the facial features
(eyes, nose and mouth). By
stretching and distorting the
face and the facial features in
given model, we can get very
funny and exaggerated
expressions and shapes of this
Mean while, because of the
built-in functions such as
intelligent photo correction,
magic special effects, exquisite
photo frames and other photo
processing functions, it is truly
a full-featured mobile phone
photo processing software lets
you experience all the fun of
phone camera!

PhotoWings and PhotoNova will
have better performance when
the face(s) in your photo are
frontal and not too small.
PhotoWings and PhotoNova are
now available for free download
on Nokia S60 2nd and S60 3rd.
(S60 3rd. users will have to sign
the ".sis" files before install.)
Compatible Devices:
ü S60 2nd
N70 N72 N90 3230
6600 6620
6260 6630 6670 7610
6680 6681
ü S60 3rd
3250 5500 5700 6110
6290 N71 N73
N75 N76 N77 N80
N91 N92 N93
N95 E50 E60 E61
E62 E65 E70

Photonava and photobase

Sunios photonova
Photonova character1
Photonova character2
Photonova character3
Photonova character4

Photowings frames
Photowings frames1