Now you have opportunity to fight with other strategies for the network real-time! The game has two modes: simple battles and tournaments. In simple battles you choose his opponent taste. In the tournament you do not have to choose. Here real battle begins on Survival! With each battle you get points and develop the ability of his general, which affect characteristics of your units and installations in subsequent battles! Than more points you earn, the more invincible become your army! And if the war alone you not satisfied, you can join one of existing clans or create your own and raise it to top ranking. The game allows you to chat communicate with thousands of other players without leaving the game. This game more fascinating! Join ranks of the generals "Art Of War 2" and show their skills command and conquer!
Manufacturer: Gear-Games

  • 128x160
  • Aow2on_nokia_128x160
  • 240x320
  • Aow2on_nokia_6111
  • 176x208
  • aow2on_nokia 176x208