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city tycoon
Description: The best just got better! Your mobile can now run a city building simulation that has all the features you know and love from the PC and console simulation titles you so adore!

Grasp the chance to become a mayor of the largest and most important city of the country and help the citizens to overcome problems like disasters, pollution, crime and other obstacles.

You will be able to build them all - small family houses, enormous shopping centres and skyscraper offices, public transport and atomic power plants! The better you will fare, the better your city will look on the screen of your mobile. So, Mr. Mayor - the desk is yours!

Build a village today, a capital tomorrow. City Tycoon is unique and breathtaking city building strategy, never seen before on the mobile screen. A definitive "for gamers by gamers" game, fulfilling every player's dreams. Build your own city and ensure it's prosperity, while facing pollution, crime, fire hazard, disasters, unemployment, energy shortages and ever growing demands from the citizens of your city. Set the right tax levels and watch your budget closely for even the slightest movement of butterfly wings can ruin the economy of your empire.


* Proper city building strategy game with all the right ingredients.
* Almost 20 different buildings.
* The better you do, the better your town will look.
* User-friendly controls.
* Fun that never ceases to amaze.
* Detailed tutorials.
* Start as a nobody and become a mayor of the most important town in a country the capital