Old school Easter eggs.

Description: Junction of Guitar Hero III and Guitar Hero III: Sony Pack 1 in one game with 30 songs. (may vary by handset) Is your phone ready to rock some more? Rock out to even more songs with this rhythm-based,three button game that stays true to the original. Jam with giants of rock with classic Guitar Hero tracks. Shred your way to rock hall of fame glory as either Judy Nails or Axel Steel, in three killer venues from the console game. Master the perfect guitar solo with new controls adapted especially for mobile phones and drive the crowd wild with a surge of virtual star power. Unlock new Gibson guitars and achievements as you work your way towards being the world's greatest mobile Guitar Hero.

- While playing a song press the left soft key to pause the game.
- If you pause the game in the mid song, it will restart from the beginning once you resume.
- The fret button correspond to the green, red and yellow notes.
- To play a note push the button(s) as the notes travel through the colored circles at the bottom of the screen.
- For long notes you must hold the buttons down for the duration of the notes.
- If you hit all the star shaped notes you'll earn star power.
- Once you have enough star power you can push the * or OK/Center Nav key to activate it instantly doubling your points multiplier, found on the left side of the screen.
- The rock meter is indicator on the right side of the screen.
- As you are doing well the meter will stay in the screen but as you start to miss notes the indicator will lean towards the red.
- Careful, get too far in the red and you will be booed off stage!
- There are 4 Gibson guitars in the game with only the Les Paul available initially.
- Complete the game on each difficulty setting to unlock the Flying v, SG and Double Neck.

ps. play firt 10 songs of release all.

Features (may vary by handset):
- quick play mode.
- career mode.
- two characters.
- five guitars.
- 15 power ups.
- easy but engaging gameplay.
- vibration (not all versions have it).
- no song interruption when you do a mistake (some versions do this).

Our moderator and ninja in his spare time, Tsukiyomaru, did what no one imagined, he joined the Guitar Hero III and SP1 in a single game. The game is almost 1 MB, which means it is playable in several cellular 240 × 320, but must complete 10 songs to go to the next "phase".

GuitarHeroIII Mobile Two In One 30Songs_128x128SE
GuitarHeroIII Mobile Two In One 30Songs_128x160SE
GuitarHeroIII Mobile Two In One 30Songs_176x220SE
GuitarHeroIII Mobile Two In One 30 Songs_240x320SE