Teya Salat

Brave enough? Ready to stand up and
The best fighters of the mystic fighting
guild are waiting inside this Gold Star
classic! No matter where: the
picturesque China Mountains, forgotten
Aztec ruins, the sunny beaches of
California or an abandoned Pirate Ship -
make the most of your powers to show who
is the winner of this duel.
Create your own fighting style with a
great variety of available kicks,
punches and special moves.
Smooth and detailed character animation
makes for dynamic and addictive game
play unseen on mobiles before.
Don’t just stand there! Fight!

NOTE: after you download the file (karma fighter.zip) rename it into karma.jar

  • 128X128X160
  • KarmaFighter_128x128x160
  • 176x220
  • Karma_Fighter_k700
  • 176x208
  • KarmaFighter_6600,n70
  • 240x320
  • KarmaFighter_240x320
  • 240x320
  • KarmaFighter_240x320_1