Tekken Mobile brings the hard hitting combat and iconic characters of the Tekken console games to your mobile.
Featuring an unprecedented level of depth and variety you will enjoy battling your way to the top of the King of Iron Fist Tournament.
Unlock extra characters and custom outfits, even competing against your friends in a multiplayer VS mode.
Enter this all new Iron Fist Tournament and prove yourself worthy of the ultimate prize, in the world's No.1 fighting game.
Completing Arcade or Story mode will unlock additional game modes such as Tekken Force or Custom Mode.
Gold coins can be used to purchase custom character outfits, these coins are earned by scoring highly in any of the competitive game modes.

Tekkenmobile s40v2 128x128
Tekkenmobile s402 128x160
Tekkenmobile s40v2/3 208x208
Tekkenmobile s40v3 240x320
Tekkenmobile s40v5/6 240x320
Tekkenmobile s60v2 os8.1 176x208
Tekkemobile s60v2/v3 176x208
Tekkenmobile s60v3 240x320
Tekkenmobile s60v3 n95 240x320
Tekkenmobile e61
Tekkenmobile e71
Tekkenmobile n80
Tekkenmobile sony ericson 128x160
Tekkenmobile sony ericson 176x220
Tekkenmobile sony ericsonW810 176x220
Tekkenmobile sony ericson 240x320
Tekkenmobile seW910 240x320
Tekkenmobile seUI10.i Aino
Tekkenmobile se_X1
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