Flame of Recca 烈火の炎 the Game -Episode- "Welcome to the SODOM" For Gameboy Advance The original Flame of Recca FAQ, by Kailieann "I'm STILL too good for ASCII art" Raia. This document and everything contained within is the intellectual property of the author and anyone who was kind enough to contribute. Any attempt to rip off, copy, or otherwise plagiarize my work may result in legal action, and I DO happen to know some highly overpaid lawyers. And should all else fail, there's always my favorite: Vigilante justice of the castration via rusty chainsaw variety. Version 1.0j My, how far we've come. This FAQ can be found at: www.gamefaqs.com Other places who used it without asking The most recent version can always be found at my website. But I don't have one, so when I get one, it'll be there! /========\ |Contents| \========/ 1. Introduction 2. Version History 3. Terminology 4. Characters 5. Gameplay - Basic Controls - Hissatsuwaza -Story Mode - Training Chapter - Inside SODOM - The Final Battle - Kurei - Battle Mode -Survival Mode 6. Unlocking Guide 7. Credits /===============\ |1. Introduction| \===============/ /-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-\ |The Hokage Ninja Clan's strongest and most dangerous Madougu, "Tendou Jigoku" fell into| |the hands of Mori Kouran. In order to create the perfect body, he abducted the Hime | |with the power of healing, Sakoshita Yanagi, so that he could absorb her. | | | |In order to save Yanagi and break Mori Kouran's ambitions, Recca and his friends wanted| |to go immediately to the fortress city "SODOM"... | \-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-/ For anyone who doesn't know, or needs to be reminded, Flame of Recca (or, Recca no Honoo) is a manga, which was made into an anime, which was made into a game. I haven't had a chance to read the manga, but there are at least 31 volumes that I've seen. The anime consists of 42 episodes, all of which I've seen, though not for a good while, so my information is a little sketchy. The basic story is as such. 400 years ago, the most powerful of the ninja clans, the Hokage, were on the verge of destruction. Kagerou, the wife of the Hokage's leader, used the forbidden technique of the Hokage, the time void, to send her son, Recca, into the present. Now in the present, Recca is an ordinary Japanese high school student with an affinity for ninja stuff, when one day he was injured in an accident, trying to protect another student - Sakoshita Yanagi. Luckily for Recca, it turns out that Yanagi has the power to heal people, and she healed his wounds. Being a ninja, Recca claimed Yanagi as his Hime and vowed to protect her life at all costs. Through various encounters with the mysterious Kage Houshi, also known as Kagerou, Recca discovered that he had the power to call forth a flame from his arm. A power which was quite useful when Yanagi was kidnapped by the Madougu-wielding Mokuren and Koganei. Recca, along with his schoolmates Fuuko and Domon, as well as Mikagami went to rescue Yanagi, and discovered that the person holding her captive was Kurei, another flame master. Recca's half brother, in fact. During the battle with Kurei, Recca unleashed the true form of his flame: Eight Karyuu. The Karyuu reluctantly agreed to help Recca protect Yanagi, and stop Kurei. This became very important when they entered a tournament, the Ura Buto Satsujin, in which the prize wound up being Yanagi herself. Throughout the course of the tournament, it was discovered that Kurei was just being used, and the one behind Yanagi's abduction was Mori Kouran. Recca and his friends, along with Kurei's former general Koganei, won the tournament, but that was only the beginning of their adventures. ... sadly, it was the end of the anime, though. /==================\ |2. Version History| \==================/ 09/05/02 1.0j - First Shift-JIS version, for those with Japanese encoding support 09/05/02 1.0 - New layout -Rewrote introduction -Expanded story mode guide -Added Game & FAQ terms to terminology section -Retranslated character profiles Recca-Kadotsu - Fixed every error I could find 04/19/02 0.95 beta - Fixed unlocking method for Hiruko and Kadotsu - Fixed unlocking method for Domon's 2nd Hissatsuwaza 02/14/02 0.9 beta - Added battle strategies for the bosses - Added the last of the profile translations 02/13/02 0.8 beta - Fixed a typo....oart? - Fixed Koganei's 2nd and 3rd Hissatsuwaza names. Again -Fixed Fuuko's 2nd Hissatsuwaza name. Again -Fixed Kashamaru's profile -Added profile translations for Raiha, Kokuu, Kuukai, and Joker 02/12/02 0.7 beta - Added (short) story mode guide No, REALLY! - Added profile translations for Kashamaru, Mokuren, Sigma, Saichou, Yanagi, Kagerou, and Aoi 02/11/02 0.6 beta - Fixed Hiruko's Madougu name -Fixed a few typos - Touched up some unlocking info -Added (short) story mode guide - Added profile translations for Hiruko, Kadotsu, and Mori Kouran 02/10/02 0.5 beta - Fixed the close range basic controls (So I can't tell A from B, sue me) -FINALLY figured out the Left/Right Hissatsuwaza triggers - Added Shinryo Shintou as Fuuko's other Madougu - Added profile translations for Mikagami, Koganei, Kurei, and Renge 02/09/02 0.4 beta - Fixed a few mistakes

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